24th of SEPTEMBER 2017 STARTING at 10 AM

De Steeg, Ingen, The Netherlands



Upcoming 24th of September The Dutch Briard Association organizes a Young Dog Evaluation Day for Briards in the age of 3 month up to 24 months of age. When you are the owner of a member this lovely breed, in the right age, you can enlist. Ofcourse we do hope that the breeder of your dog will encourage owners of dogs out of the same litter as of your dog to enlist for and attend our evaluation day also. This would make it possible not only to see individual dogs but the litter as a whole also. There are lots of activities you can attend and take part of during this day, when you feel like doing so. You don’t have to be a member of our association. Every Briard owner is welcome at the premises.


Individual evaluation of the exterior of the enlisted dogs
Mr. Jeroen Descheemaker
Character test in relation to the dogs age
Committee for behavior and character
Aptitude test in sheep herding
Committee for behavior and character
Demonstration in coat care
Mrs. Yvonne Agelink
Workshop “Making toys for your dog”
Mrs. Annemieke van der Vorst
Brain gymnastics and Puppy races
members of the Event committee

  • Best baby (3-6 months)
  • Best puppy (6-9 months)
  • Best youth dog (9-18 months)
  • Best young dog (15-24 months)
  • Best litter out of each age category
For each enlisted dog there will be a goody bag, with a really surprising content, and a souvenir as remembrance of this day.
Enlisting fee: € 25,00 for each dog (for the whole of activities mentioned above).

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The premises can be found at de Steeg, Ingen



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